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Hey spud-tacular pals! 🥔 Welcome to the world of Dear Potato – where potatoes are our love language (despite only a handful of recipes involving the tuber)! DP began as Shea's ingenious plot to beat boredom during her covid jobless phase. From random cake cravings to a migration from Seattle to Helena with hubby Keller, and now, voila, a brick-and-mortar dream in downtown Helena!


We're a vegetarian bakery with a salmon exception – because, let's face it, even potatoes need a fishy friend sometimes. Our meats? All plants, baby! Vegan and gluten-free goodies? We got 'em, proudly labeled for your diet-diverse delight. But if gluten is a life-threatening allergy, we're not a gluten-free fortress.


Dear Potato is more than a bakery; it's a carnivore's playground! Dive into our eclectic space, where kids get entertained while guardians sip coffee and contemplate life over piroshkis, desserts, or both! And soon, we'll be your late-night refuge after breweries turn off the taps.


For meatless-curious souls, take a leap of faith into our vegan "Beef" & "Cheese" piroshki – a hit even among hardcore carnivores!


Dear Potato is a proud safe space! We believe love is love, Black lives matter, Women's rights are human rights, Trans healthcare is human healthcare, no human is illegal, science is real. At DP there is no room for rudeness, toxic masculinity, whining adults, or unsolicited business advice. We believe the customer isn't always right, so check your complaints, judgments and criticisms at the door 😉


As our DP family grows, so do our hours! Currently, swing by Sundays, Mondays (7:30 AM - 5:00 PM), and Thursdays (11 AM - 8 PM). Our menu? Piroshki, borscht, cookies, cakes, coffee, tea, and NA beverages – all priced $2-$10


Keep tabs on our potato adventures on Instagram and Facebook.


Thanks for the love, Helena! 🥔✨

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