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Welcome to our new ordering form! Please submit orders at least 3 days in advance. Custom cake/cupcake orders should be submitted at least two weeks in advance (the sooner the better though!). Orders must be paid in full before pickup and all orders are subject to a 15% processing fee. Gratuity is not expected but is always appreciated! Payments can be made via check/cash/card during open hours or anytime via venmo. We'll send you an order confirmation email within 72 hours of receiving your order. 

Orders may also be customized to further meet the dietary requirements of our customer's needs for an extra fee. Some recipe customizations are cheap (example: no onions), while others cost more (example: soy-free ingredients). We're happy to serve you what you need so feel free to ask us any questions. Happy ordering, y'all! 

Custom Cakes & Cupcakes

Pricing for custom cakes and cupcakes is determined by size, flavors, and decor. 4" cakes (serves 2-4) start at $60. 6" cakes (serve 4-8) start at $70. 8" cakes (serves 8-12) start at $85. Sheet cakes (serves up to 35) start at $120. Due to current custom cake demand, not all cake submissions will be accepted. We are most interested in custom designs that are vintage, abstract, or just plain weird. We are not interested in most minimalist cakes and we do not make baby gender reveal cakes. 

(minimum order of 1 dozen for regular & vegan, minimum of 1/4 dozen for gf)

  • One Dozen Regular Sized Piroshki ($60-$90)

  •  One Dozen Mini Piroshki ($25-$35)

Filling Options: *smoked salmon + cream cheese, vegan "beef" & cheese", *cauliflower curry, Seattle Dog (available vegan), *garlicky broccoli + four cheese, *spinach + egg + cheese, vegan meatball, *vegan truffle pig, *potato + cheese, *potato + sauerkraut, *potato + rosemary + nutritional yeast, spicy bbq "chicken", "chicken" + broccoli. 

Customers may choose up to four variety of fillings per dozen. Pricing per dozen is determined on the fillings being used. All the "meat" items (except the salmon) are plant + soy based. Fillings that are marked with * are available gluten-free. 

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(minimum order of 1/2 dozen)

  • One Dozen Vegan Ube Cinnamon Rolls $60 (add toasted pecans for $8)

  • One Dozen Vegan Matcha Cinnamon Rolls $60 (add freeze dried strawberries for $8)

  • One Dozen Nutella Puffs $55

  • One Dozen Vegan Rosemary & Nutritional Yeast Bear Buns $45

  • One Dozen Vegan Finnish Pullas $40 (add rose glaze and pistachios for $8)

  • One Dozen Disco Cookies $60 (available reg, vegan, gf, v&gf) *available mini for 1/2 price

  • One Dozen v/gf Molasses Ginger Cookies $45

  • One Dozen GF Garlicky Cheddar Rolls $30

  • One Dozen GF Cinnamon Rolls $50

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