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now offering delivery & pickup in Helena, Montana

  • orders must be for a minimum of $30

  • please place orders at least 48 hours in advance

  • payments are accepted in cash, card, or check

The Disco Cookie


A hefty 8oz cookie filled with chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, & white chocolate chips. Lavishly decorated with frosting, sprinkles, sea salt flakes, and edible glitter. $5 per cookie. Add +$1 for vegan + gluten-free. Pizza-sized Disco cookies are available and cost $35 for regular and $45 for vegan/gluten-free. 

Vegan Rosemary & Nutritional Yeast Bear Loaf/Rolls

Adorable & herby bread that comes in the shape of a teddy bear. Can be served with bread & jam, peanut butter, hummus, ect. Delicious when used as the bread for a grilled cheese sandwich! Small Bears are $4 each and the Large Bears are $15.  

not available gluten-free


Vegan Ube Cupcakes

Vibrant ube cupcakes that are topped with a vanilla glaze and a starry decor. $4 per cupcake. $18 per 6-pack. Add +$1 per cupcake for gluten-free and $3 per 6-pack. 

Vegan Wedding Cookies

Three flavors of wedding cookies/tea cookies available by the half-dozen. Each cookie is about two bites. The available flavors are: Matcha & Pistachio, Lemon & Ginger, and Rose & Pistachio. The Lemon & Ginger is the most popular! $5 per box, $6 per gluten-free box. 


Finnish Pulla

A lovely cardamom spiced bread that's braided into a wreath. Similar to challah! Can be topped with a drizzle of frosting and crushed nuts upon request. Can be made vegan for no additional charge! $5 per mini Pulla. $20 for a family-sized Pulla. (It also makes for delicious French toast!)

not available gluten-free 

Vegan Matcha Cinnamon Rolls

Deliciously modern cinnamon rolls that are subtly green in color and packed with cinnamon and brown sugar. Topped with a vanilla glaze and crushed pistachios. $4 per roll. 

not available gluten-free


Looking to order something you've tried before but don't see on the menu? Tell me what it was and I'll make it for you again! 

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